Residential Flat Roofs

After assessing your residential flat roof, we’ll meet with you to discuss the specific goals you may have for your roofing project. At Altmann Roofing, Family owned and operated we work closely with customers. The more we know about your needs, the better we can meet them We will find the solutions that are best for your Roof, as well as what’s best for your budget We’re certain that with our expertise, we can find the perfect solution to any residential flat roofing system.

Once our Estimators have an understanding of your property, along with your business goals, we can get into the specifics and make recommendations on which roofing system might serve you best. There are a variety of different roofing options so it’s important that you understand the Pros and Cons of each and with Altmann Roofing 26 years of experience in Construction field we will make certain that you do understand what type Roof is the best for you. With a roofing material chosen and your commercial property assessed, Altmann Roofing will then provide you with a FREE estimate.

We use some of the best products on the market from SBS- modified base and cap sheets to CertainTeed Flintlastic 2ply and 3ply low slope roofing systems

CertainTeed Products

CertainTeed Flintlastic® SA roofing membrane is a premium, self-adhering SBS modified bitumen roofing material suitable for use in accordance with CertainTeed specifications for most low-slope roof system applications. Flintlastic SA Cap is available in 8 colors, plus white and CoolStar highly reflective granules.

Flintlastic SA Cap white meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® requirements for slopes greater than 2:12" and can be used to comply with the 2016 California Title 24 Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements.



A self-adhering SBS-modified roofing system that combines the uses of SBS-modified sheet membranes with the installation ease of a self-adhering product. Used for low-sloped roofing applications.

Offering a wide range of low-sloped base and cap sheets, like AWAPLAN®was America's first SBS-modified roofing, introduced in 1977.

AWAPLAN® is created with a nonwoven polyester mat saturated with asphalt and coated on both sides with SBS rubber modified asphalt and surfaced with ceramic granules to help shield roofs from ultraviolet degradation.

Tapered Roofing Systems

Poor drainage on commercial roofs can result in damage far more destructive than either wind or other natural elements. Building owners often under estimate the advantages of tapered roofing when evaluating the life expectancy of a roof. Positive drainage is necessary to insure a safe, long lasting roof. Ponding water and freeze-thaw cycles can result in costly repairs and even pre-mature roof failure, which is rarely covered under warranty or by insurance. Positive sloped roof systems result in reduced maintenance and less stress to the building structure. Tapered roofing is equally suited for new and replacement construction. In new construction, this can be achieved by designing a slope into the structure of the building. In this case, the roofing support columns are varied in height so the final roof deck has high and low points from which to place the roof drains. The thickness of the insulation is varied to create the necessary slope. Expanded polystyrene is a logical, cost effective choice in low-slope roofing systems. Tapered EPS insulation provides the required positive slope to drain while retaining the structural and economic advantages of a flat roof deck. It maintains long-term thermal performance, dimensional stability and consistent moisture-resistance. EPS effectively controls the transfer of heat within all roofing systems.

If you would like more information about our residential roofing services or you need repairs on your roof, please contact us. We'll be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you might have.

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